My name is Kanyalak Kupadakvinij (Aw), born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I graduated Architecture School Undergraduate program at Syracuse University. Currently I am opening a boutique hotel in Yaowarat, Bangkok.

I have a passion for all water sports. I started scuba diving when I was 14 years old. My interest in scuba diving was inspired by my parents’ stories of their scuba adventures in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With my love for the outdoors and my new found love for the sea, I got my Open Water license with NAUI. I used my Open Water license to it’s full capacity, diving in Thailand and abroad. I had the opportunity to dive abroad at two unique places including Sipadan Island, Malaysia and The Cenotes, Yucatan Peninsula Mexico. I was hooked but I wanted more and in order for that I got my Advanced Open Water with PADI.

Moving back to Thailand after 6 years in the states, I wanted to dive more and more to explore every part of what my country has to offer. Thinking to myself, why not make this a job (or at least a part time job) because it was my childhood dream to be a dive master and to scuba dive for work. The opportunity came through my childhood friend, Bunthorn. He pushed my to get my Rescue and Dive Master license and I am here now at BB Marine.

I want to bring my passion into the sport and share my love for the ocean in order protect Thailand’s beautiful underwater world. We all can be divers but to be the best we need to think beyond ourselves. We all need to know that we are part of a bigger ground work and our actions and ideas strongly impact the environment around us. The Similan Islands 16 years ago has completely changed to what it is right now in a very disheartening way. Thailand waters have so much to offer and I want to keep it that way. My sole purpose for being part of the scuba diving industry is to inspire people to be the best divers for themselves and for the environment.


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